Sugar and Spice and . . .

Raising little girls . . . pretty dresses, jumping in puddles, baby dolls, trucks, soccer games and, yes, nose-picking.  I love the fact that these days (here in the West), a little girl can be, well . . . just a little person,

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“I blame feminism for making women dread the kitchen.” Nigella Lawson

Nigella, Nigella, Nigella.  Puh-lease!

A feminist can be many things, and can have many opinions, but this feminist here draws the line at using feminism as the “whipping girl” for the root of any “evil” one chooses to pick.

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Why “strong women characters”…?

This sort of says it all, doesn’t it?
(Thank you, Joss Wheldon!!!)

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No Woman No Drive – An Ode to Saudi Men’s SPS syndrome

And to you, Saudi Women, brave enough to DRIVE a car in a country that forbids it!  In October 2013, women in Saudi “took to the streets”.  Geesh.  It’s even against the law to drive a bicycle there,

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The Chinese take YOUR Facebook seriously!

During a human rights / civil liberties discussion in the series “Fragile Freedoms”, British philosopher, A. C. Grayling, told the story of a businessman in Hong Kong who flew to Beijing where his company had a branch.  As the plane arrived on the tarmac,

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BBC Series: 100 Women – Can 3.5 Billion Women Beat the Odds?

Inspiring and informative, this BBC series looks at the present day realities of girls and women around the world.   This kind of reporting — like the work The Economist did to expose the fact that 100 million girls are “missing”

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A Promise to Welcome Joy

When was the last time you felt like this — last month?  Last year?  Can’t remember?

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to feel like this whenever possible?  More of us need to simply Welcome Joy.  It’s contagious. 

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Gender neutralizing certain types of violence gives power to the wrong voice

A blog in Shameless Magazine about how wrong it is to name sexual violence as simply “bullying” is extremely important to keep in mind when listening to the media.

When a sexual assault, circulation of documentation of an assault,

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No photo posted, out of respect for another human being who happened to be called Michael Jackson

In a downtown building tower, I walked into a drugstore to get some nail polish and a package of gum and casually glanced at the magazine rack while waiting in line.  There on the front page, at eye level, was an autopsy photograph of Michael Jackson. 

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The silver lining to an ignorant opinion on child pornography

When a former advisor to Canada’s Prime Minister pondered in a public setting whether it was reasonable to put men who use child pornography in jail, there was an uproar.  What he said was downright stupid and ill-informed, but there’s a good side to the story.

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