m.k. jaks

m.k. jaks

m.k. jaks

Citizen.  Writer.  Businesswoman.  Feminist.  Mother. Sister. Activist.  Daughter.  Ex-Wife.  Friend.  Lover.  Human.  Seeker. Humane.  Aunt.  Dog-Owner.  Neighbor.  Traveler. Opinionated.

Believes that the right to lead a full and complete life applies to everyone, including women everywhere.

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m.k. jaks is the author of NOTES FROM A BLONDE:  Why “Anything Goes!” Multiculturalism Has to Go”.

She is a first-generation Canadian of Estonian heritage. Her mother was a child refugee who escaped by boat across the Baltic Sea with her own mother, fleeing the 1944 Russian Soviet invasion of Estonia in 1944.

Born a natural blonde, M. K. Jaks will admit she now has to pay for it. She’ll also point out that she’s fairly good-natured about all the dumb blonde jokes that circulate these days.

After all, blonde women tend to live in countries that have progressive laws that make an effort to recognize their human rights, so blondes aren’t so dumb, are they!

She currently lives in Canada with Miss Paree, International Poodle of Mystery.

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